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Lichfield St Chad Rotary - Business Membership Scheme

In addition to individual membership of the Rotary Club, we also provide a Business Membership scheme to allow local businesses persons who may have limited time available to become involved in the activities of Rotary and to enjoy the privileges that go with being a member of a worldwide organisation.

The scheme provides a number of benefits to local companies:

  • Allows an individual to be more closely identified with the communities in which they are based
  • Enables a member to forge stronger links to this area
  • If travelling in the UK and abroad for either business or pleasure member will benefit from being able to attend any Rotary meeting as a Rotarian in the place of their visit.

Individuals who could benefit from involvement in the Scheme include Directors, Managers and professional staff. Membership of Rotary through the Business Membership also provides significant benefits for staff who are aspiring to, or training, to reach such positions.

The Scheme is a cost effective way for individuals to meet the above objectives – currently the annual Business Membership is £50 per year.

The requirement from an individual is:

  1. We would hope that members would be able to attend at least one Rotary Club meeting each calendar month
  2. To play an active role within the club and to serve on Club Committees
  3. To make themselves available for Fund Raising activities


  • The position of a Business Member is only available for a maximum of THREE Rotary Years and during that period the member will be encouraged to become a Full Member of the Club.
  • The Business Member will be inducted as a Rotarian with all the privileges of a full member and can contribute to club matters but will have no voting rights.

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