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ShelterBox Operations updates

By Stella Almond - Posted on 29 June 2015


Through the personal help of Amarjit Nandra of the Rotary Club of Aston, Keith McDavid has been working very closely with the Sikh Channel Aid; a not for profit TV channel here in Birmingham; which transmits to the Sikh community throughout the UK, Western Europe and Toronto, on channel 840.

When typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, Keith was asked to record a short presentation on the work that ShelterBox was doing out in there. Within a few days of that broadcast he was presented with a cheque for £5,900 from Sikh Channel Aid. He was then ask back to record another programme on what ShelterBox was doing in Nepal and within five days of that programme going out ShelterBox was given a cheque for £29,500, all very generously donated by the Sikh community throughout UK & Europe, this has now risen by a further £15,000!!

The Sikh Channel may be broadcasting to a limited audience BUT it's getting across the message of what ROTARY is doing here in the UK and throughout the world, to its 3.4 million viewers. When Amarjit and Keith recorded the programme, they both emphasised the work that Rotary does and how Rotarians help ShelterBox deliver aid; remembering that the initial consignment of equipment that went into Nepal, was consigned to the Rotary Clubs in Kathmandu

Attached are two updates from ShelterBox one of which is specific to Nepal where they currently have 15 SRTs across the country.

Click on this link you will be able to view a six minute broadcast on BBC World News that went out on May the 1st on which you cannot fail to see the Rotary Logo  .

 As ever, thank you for all the support you keep giving ShelterBox.

 Rtn Keith McDavid PHF  

ShelterBox Speaker & Co-ordinator for Rotary District 10

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